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Santa Cruz adopts food freedom resolution supporting private herd shares

Mali McGee, at her ranch in Bonny Doon (KEVIN JOHNSON/SENTINEL)


By Rady Ananda
Food Freedom

On Sept. 13, California’s Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a “Resolution Recognizing the Rights of Individuals to Grow and Consume Their Own Food and to Enter into Private Contracts with Other Individuals to Board Animals for Food.”  [pdf]

Though only symbolic, the Resolution memorializes public assertion of the right to grow and eat food of their own choosing, and to collectively share in private herds, free from government interference.

This was done in response to armed raids on private food clubs and herd shares, as well as “cease and desist” letters sent by the state’s Dept. of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to small farmers and herd share owners.

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Group to sue over EU’s herbal medicine ban; POM Wonderful battles FTC

9 June 2011 UPDATE: Within two weeks of the herbal ban, a lethal bacterium began killing people in Germany, and has spread across Europe. New info indicates the germ is bioengineered with Bubonic Plague DNA. ~Ed.

By Mike Stones

A legal challenge to new EU legislation, implemented on May 1, which could ban thousands of traditional herbal medicines is “imminent,” a spokesperson for the UK-based Alliance for Natural Health told NutraIngredients.

Short shelf life: EU legislation could ban traditional Chinese medicines such as those made from gingko biloba.

After donations of about £100,000 (~$162,000), the alliance is making final preparations to its legal case for a judicial review of the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

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